About BPL Group

BPL's goal is to collect plasma from our donor communities and process it safely and effectively to manufacture high-quality products that meet the needs of clinicians, patients and stakeholders. We invest in the latest research, technology and manufacturing methods, and continuously adapt to ensure that we continue to serve all our stakeholders effectively.

BPL consists of two operating divisions - BPL Plasma and BPL Therapeutics.

BPL Plasma, headquartered in Austin, Texas and operating in the USA, collects plasma from donors, in around 40 centres across the US. BPL Plasma employs over 2000 staff, to support the needs of donors and to ensure high-quality plasma collection in all their centres. Plasma collection is regulated by both FDA and MHRA, and BPL Plasma follow industry guidelines.

BPL Plasma operates clean and safe plasma facilities, staffed with trained personnel, dedicated to supporting donors through the process that leads to the donation of plasma.

Plasma is shipped to the headquarters of BPL Therapeutics in Elstree, United Kingdom. The plasma is fractionated at a site with over 1000 employees involved in operations and commercial activity, finance and customer services. Fractionation is the process which separates plasma into proteins, which are then purified into therapeutic products that are used to treat patients. Ultimately, the final products are commercially available in the UK, USA and many other countries around the world.