Quality and product use

BPL products are developed by pharmaceutical scientists, using the best-available knowledge and technologies. The product quality is reviewed by national regulatory agencies before BPL is granted marketing authorisation. Throughout the lifetime of the product, performance quality is reviewed against contemporaneous knowledge and understanding, allowing ongoing enhancements in the light of new understanding, or changes in the clinical environment. Performance is also monitored by national regulatory agencies, which undertake periodic inspections of our manufacturing facilities and quality systems. Such independent inspections provide BPL with additional benchmarking for our process design and ongoing quality programmes.

BPL’s focus on quality does not end when product is dispatched to our customers. Throughout the product life-cycle, BPL can trace any vial of product not only from individual plasma donors to the patient but also from the patient back to the plasma donors. 

We use an industry-recognised pharmacovigilance system of post-marketing surveillance for any adverse reactions reported by healthcare professionals or patients who use our products, regardless of whether they are product-related. Click here to see the reporting system for the geographical areas where BPL products are used. Adverse events are investigated systematically, and are reported to the competent authorities as required by the findings.