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The term apprenticeship is often associated with school leavers and early careers. However, apprenticeships are available at all levels at BPL as part of our learning & development offering. We support our people by using the apprenticeship programme to develop knowledge, skills, and experience to benefit the organisation and the individual’s career development. Mike Bates, Training Lead at BPL

At BPL we understand the importance of developing our people and use the government apprenticeship scheme to support them. The government apprenticeship programme is for employees at all levels and stages of their careers.

We use apprenticeships for early careers within BPL, enabling those entering the workforce to study and gain a qualification while earning at the same time. An apprenticeship offers a unique opportunity to gain a recognised qualification without the apprentice incurring the student fees associated with many qualifications. This approach can be ideal for someone not wanting to continue their learning within a higher education establishment, however, is keen to earn, while they learn.

Apprenticeships range from level 2 to level 7, depending on previous experience and prior qualifications, and are typically delivered via a 20/80 split. Twenty per cent of an apprentice’s paid time will be spent undertaking off-the-job learning, gaining valuable skills and qualifications. The other eighty per cent of an apprentice’s paid time will be spent on the job, working with colleagues to learn new skills and gain experience of the workplace. Apprenticeships can be transferred between employers, so if you are currently studying, you can transfer your apprenticeship to BPL, providing there is a requirement for the role.

BPL recruits apprentices at various times during the year. If you are interested in apprenticeships with BPL please view the ‘What We Offer’ section for opportunities.