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Our R&D mission is to provide scientific and technical expertise to execute new product pipeline initiatives on time and to discover new products for commercialisation in order to provide a future for the business.

Our Approach

BPL’s commitment to quality is allied to our longstanding investment in our underlying scientific knowledge-base and R&D capability, led by our team of specialists in plasma therapies based in Elstree.

We are proud that all of our products have been developed at BPL in R&D, from concept onwards.

BPL operates with an innovative approach to develop solutions that meet the needs of our customers globally, working with the latest developments in medical science and clinical practice. Our R&D structure is built to encourage innovation in new and existing products, indications and markets.

Investing in the latest R&D methods and technologies is central to our approach, supporting our current focus on new product development, with targeted expansion in specialty products. BPL is focused on building a competitive pipeline of patient-focused, clinically differentiated rare disease therapies which target unmet medical needs.

New Product Development

Our R&D capabilities are focused on new product development, prioritising the movement of new products along the development lifecycle, and into the commercial market.

BPL is developing a portfolio of products which treat rare and orphan diseases, building on previous successes with a new product development pipeline focused principally on specific proteins, including other rare bleeding disorders.

Our Collaborations

We are committed to developing existing and new collaborative relationships to stay at the forefront of developments in medical science and clinical design in plasma-derived therapies, supporting the UK life sciences sector and global plasma industry.

Currently, we are focused on our partnerships with several universities and hospitals.

Get in touch with our team if you are interested in exploring opportunities for collaboration.

Case Study

Quality and Innovation in Development: creating the first and only approved treatment specifically for a rare hereditary deficiency.

The product for this case study is a unique, targeted therapy for a rare bleeding disorder.


This hereditary deficiency was an overlooked and unmet need, affecting about one in a million people in the general population. The deficiency can result in many different types of bleeds, including severe gastrointestinal or life-threatening intracranial bleeds.


BPL leveraged its innovation and expertise along with its commitment to quality to produce high-purity plasma-derived product, the only treatment specifically for this hereditary factor deficiency. Given the difficulty of locating patients these rare patients, BPL worked closely in the US with patient advocacy groups and experts to identify and reach patients. BPL capitalised on its strength in customer relationships and partnered with a limited network of distributors to ensure excellent delivery and patient support.


The product has rapidly become successful globally that has improved, and continues to improve, the lives of people born with this rare bleeding disorder. It is the first and only approved treatment specifically for this condition.