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Adverse Event Reporting

UK: Adverse Event Reporting

Adverse events should be reported.  Reporting forms and information can be found at

If you wish to directly notify BPL, Adverse events should be reported to Kedrion Global Pharmacovigilance office by email to or call to: +44 (0) 20 8957 2622 / +44 208 957 2200

BPL Mexico: Adverse Event Reporting / Reportar Eventos Adversos

Envíe informes de efectos secundarios a:

Tel +52 (55) 53350985

BPL GmbH, Germany: Adverse Event Reporting and Medical Enquiries

Nebenwirkdungsmeldungen richten senden Sie bitte an

FAX +49 (0) 2408 956 8072

Tel +49 (0) 2408 146 0245

US: Adverse Event Reporting and Medical Enquiries

To report an adverse event you think may be related to a BPL product, contact us at
855-3KDRION (855-353-7466) or to

For general product or questions about reimbursement, contact us at
844-4BPLUSA  (844-427-5872)