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A commitment for life

A commitment for life

At BPL, we are committed to providing a supply of high quality plasma-derived products worldwide, supporting both healthcare professionals and patients every day.

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Widely recognised for our human plasma biologics expertise, we are proud of the skills and expertise we have developed over many years.

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Who We Are

Recognising the importance of plasma and with over 60 years of experience in the industry, BPL supplies high-quality plasma-derived medicines to meet the needs of clinicians, patients and customers globally.

Therapy Areas & Products

BPL manufactures a wide range of products from blood plasma. These products fall broadly into three main therapy areas: immunology, critical care and coagulation disorders. The safety and quality of these plasma products is supported by BPL’s Quality Management Framework.


BPL’s R&D mission is to provide scientific and technical expertise to execute new product pipeline initiatives on time and to discover new products for commercialisation in order to provide a future for the business.

BPL’s commitment to quality is allied to its longstanding investment in its underlying scientific knowledge-base and R&D capability, led by the team of specialists in plasma therapies based in Elstree.

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BPL is focused on embracing its environmental, social and governance responsibilities.

BPL is committed to ensuring high standards of governance are maintained across the business, and is increasing its efforts to minimise its environmental impact.

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Featured News

BPL  joins Rare Disease Day

28 February 2023

Raising awareness and generating change for the people living with a rare disease

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BPL Supports the Immune Deficiency Foundation Research Grant Program for Second Year in a Row

03 November 2022

Durham, N.C.) Bio Products Laboratory (BPL), a leading manufacturer of plasma-derived protein therapies with US Offices in Durham, NC, announced today its support of the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) Research Grant Program for the second year in a row.

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10/10 Marks A Day to Bring Awareness to One of The Rarest Bleeding Disorders

10 October 2022

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL), a leading manufacturer of plasma-derived protein therapies, is proud to partner with the National Hemophilia Foundation in recognizing the third annual Hereditary Factor X (10) Deficiency Awareness Day, October 10, 2022. This day aims to bring a very rare bleeding disorder to the forefront of people’s minds, including the patients it impacts, the challenges they face, and the treatments that might help.

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We offer excellent career opportunities across our departments.

Employee experiences

Find out from our employees on what a career at BPL can offer you.

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To us, job satisfaction is the biggest benefit to working at BPL.


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