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Our Expertise

Driven by our mission to enhance the lives of our patients, we are focused on providing high-quality products which deliver positive patient outcomes.

Widely recognised for our human plasma biologics expertise, we are proud of the skills and expertise we have developed over many years, and the ability of our collaborative teams to manufacture and develop quality products which prioritise patient safety and meet the unmet needs of special patient groups.

We are committed to our foundations in medical science and we invest in the latest research, technology and manufacturing methods.

We continue to focus on and invest in our key strengths:

Understanding Our Patients icon

Understanding Our Patients

We engage with and have long-standing relationships with patients, patient organisations and healthcare professionals to gain insight into their needs and to inform our development of existing and new products.

Producing Quality Products icon

Producing Quality Products

As addressed in our Quality Management Framework, we are focused on producing high-purity, high-quality products which address key patient needs and prioritise patient safety.


Meeting Unmet Needs

We are building a clinically differentiated global portfolio of rare disease therapies targeting unmet medical needs, through our development of smaller volume specialty immunoglobulins and coagulation factors for rare and niche medical conditions. We are proud of our capability to develop bespoke treatments for orphan diseases.


A Trusted Partner

We value long-lasting relationships with our business partners and understand each partner’s business and market, offering strong business support with excellent customer service. Providing global regulatory expertise is one example of how we expertly support our partners.


Scientific Expertise

Led by UK-based specialists in plasma therapies and supported by an experienced team, we apply our scientific expertise and resource to improve existing production and the development of new products, using the latest developments in medical science and clinical practice.


Global Expertise

BPL has a presence in more than 50 countries and diverse global experience. Our worldwide regulatory expertise also ensures compliance with varying global regulatory requirements.



Our R&D capability supports the company’s strategy for new product development, prioritising the movement of new products along the development lifecycle, and into the commercial market.


Employee Development

We have comprehensive employee development programmes in multiple areas including technical skills, quality, improvement, accountability and management.


Strong Commercialization

We are headquartered in the UK with affiliates in the US, Germany & Mexico, and have broad and deep global regulatory/compliance experience (FDA, MHRA, etc.)