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BPL Announces the Kick-off of the Hereditary Factor X Deficiency in America Survey

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL), a leading manufacturer of plasma-derived protein therapies, with US offices in Durham, NC announced today, the kick-off of the Hereditary Factor X Deficiency in America Survey, the first of its kind focusing on patients suffering from this ultra-rare bleeding disorder.

The survey, designed to collect information on a patient and/or caregiver’s journey throughout the early symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of this rare bleeding disorder, will be offered to individuals with or impacted by hereditary factor X deficiency through hemophilia treatment centers and hematology specialty offices in the United States. Patients or caregivers will be prompted to answer questions related to how symptoms, treatments, and other related factors impact their daily living and quality of life.

“This survey is an important tool to help us better understand the needs of patients with hereditary factor X deficiency,” said Eric Wolford, PharmD, Vice President of the Global Medical group for BPL. “The results will provide significant insight for the development of future educational tools or treatment improvements.”

According to Brian Branchford, MD, pediatric hematologist at Children’s Wisconsin and Versiti Medical Sciences Institute, “We can’t always conduct large clinical studies for rare bleeding disorders like hereditary factor X deficiency, so collecting data from this type of survey is important, as it helps healthcare providers better understand the needs of patients and caregivers.”

Hereditary factor X deficiency is a rare bleeding disorder that results in a propensity to bleed due to lack of a specific coagulation factor. It is estimated to affect approximately 1 in every 1 million people in the general population. If not properly treated, severely impacted individuals may suffer life-threatening bleeds and significantly impacted quality of life. BPL is committed to leading the way in understanding the patient and caregiver journey, in order to further advance the understanding, education, and treatment options for those rare patients affected by hereditary factor X deficiency.

For more information about the Hereditary Factor X Deficiency in America Survey, please contact the study team at

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