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10/10 Marks A Day to Bring Awareness to One of The Rarest Bleeding Disorders

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) is proud to partner with the National Hemophilia Foundation in recognizing the third annual Hereditary Factor X (10) Deficiency Awareness Day, October 10, 2022. This day aims to bring a very rare bleeding disorder to the forefront of people’s minds, including the patients it impacts, the challenges they face, and the treatments that might help.

About one in a million people have Hereditary Factor X Deficiency, which may cause unusual or excessive bleeding or bruising, heavy menstrual bleeding in women, painful or swollen joints, nose bleeds, and bleeding gums. Serious bleeding in the brain or stomach is also possible. Because the symptoms are so varied, patients may suffer for years before being diagnosed. Thankfully, a simple blood test can be done to determine whether someone has the disorder, and it can be treated with plasma-based treatments.

Carly, a mother of two children diagnosed with Hereditary Factor X Deficiency, says it best. “I love to share the story of Factor X Deficiency and what my family has gone through because we have so many experiences – good and bad – that I would like to share so that people don’t necessarily have to go through what my family went through.”

“After seeing the community engagement of Hereditary Factor X Awareness Day over the past two years, we more clearly understand the importance of raising awareness around Hereditary Factor X Deficiency for those living with the disorder and those yet to be diagnosed,” notes Bob Rossilli, US President and Chief Commercial Officer, Global Business for BPL. “We hope this day as well as ongoing efforts throughout the year help generate greater awareness of the signs and symptoms of Hereditary Factor X Deficiency. Our goal is to reach as many people and healthcare providers as possible because the “one in a million” could be their patient or loved one.”

“Factor X Day is such an important day for our community – it reminds those with this rare condition that they are never alone, and that there is always a community of support waiting for them,” said Kate Nammacher, the Vice President of Education at the National Hemophilia Foundation. “We at NHF are thankful for the partnership with BPL in raising awareness and celebrating the voices of those living with Factor X Deficiency today, and every day.”

The first Hereditary Factor X Deficiency Awareness Day was on 10/10/20. To learn more about Hereditary Factor X Deficiency, visit


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