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BPL support International Plasma Awareness Week

Bio Products Laboratory Ltd (BPL), a leading manufacturer of plasma-derived protein therapies, joins the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) in celebrating its 10th annual International Plasma Awareness Week (IPAW).

IPAW is held annually during the first week of October (3-7 Oct), to offer us all a dedicated time to show appreciation to the plasma donors that save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world who rely on plasma-derived therapies.

Plasma is the straw-colored, liquid portion of blood, and contains proteins necessary for carrying out critical functions in the human body, such as antibodies to fight diseases and clotting factors to regulate bleeding.

BPL manufactures its own plasma-derived therapies by processing plasma collected from its donor communities, to develop treatments for people living with rare deficiencies like Hemophilia and Immunodeficiency and in critical care settings. BPL is truly grateful to their donors who donate plasma at their 29 donor centres in the US.

As part of its ongoing commitment to quality and education, BPL recently attended the IgNS conference in Washington D.C. (28 Sep to 2 October). Every year, the conference brings experts and specialists together in the field of immunology. The BPL team presented 5 posters through its medical affairs group; offered a commercial exhibit; and provided a sponsored symposium.

Bob Rossilli, Chief Commercial Officer, Global Business, commented, “As we mark the end of International Plasma Awareness Week, we wish to give thanks to our plasma donors and acknowledge their vital contribution to those patients in need of plasma-derived therapies across the globe.

“Central to our mission here at BPL is enabling people with rare diseases to live normal, healthy lives. We are proud to apply our expertise, experience, and resources in the development and improvement of new and existing treatments, helping to sustain care and secure access to treatment for patients with rare disorders that can be treated with medicines made from human plasma. It is also why we are so truly grateful to our BPL donors who dedicate their time to donate plasma to save lives.”