History of BPL

BPL is a young company, but with deep roots in the plasma protein industry going back many years. 

In 2010, the UK Department of Health amalgamated several operating divisions, including the former therapeutics organisation with several plasma collection groups in the US, into one global commercial organisation – BPL Holdings (BPL).  

The Department of Health partly privatised BPL in 2013, selling a significant majority stake to Bain Capital. The business benefited from investment and growth, enabling full privatisation, achieved when a group controlled by Creat Group Corporation acquired BPL in 2016.

BPL is Headquartered in Hertfordshire, England, on a historic site formerly home to the Lister Institute. The previous organisations that evolved into today’s BPL Therapeutics adapted over many years, as a result of technological, commercial and environmental changes. Environmental issues, such as the evolving concern over vCJD in the UK meant that non-UK plasma became preferred for use in manufacturing. In 1997 BPL switched from UK to US source plasma.

In addition, evolving technology and best practice in plasma protein therapies, quality, fractionation, purification, production, packaging and methods of  drug delivery have all impacted BPL’s activities. Since privatisation, BPL has expanded its investment in plasma collection, product development, manufacturing methods and production technology, to ensure the company continues to deliver high quality products, whilst maintaining and enhancing rigorous quality systems. 

BPL Therapeutics manufactures products in the following therapeutic areas:


Coagulation disorders

Critical care