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BPL Therapeutics

BPL Therapeutics in the UK

BPL Therapeutics, based in Elstree, UK, houses BPL Group’s headquarters and its manufacturing, quality, R&D, finance and commercial operations.

BPL Therapeutics employs over 1,000 people.

From the plasma collected from BPL Plasma in the US, BPL Therapeutics fractionates around 1.5 million litres annually from 3 production lines to manufacture a wide range of therapeutic products, which are then supplied to patients in more than 50 countries around the world.

The fractionation process separates the components of plasma and extracts proteins which are isolated, purified and concentrated by BPL using state-of-the-art plasma fractionation and purification technologies. These proteins are formulated into products which treat serious and life-threatening conditions.

BPL is currently building a new 1,000m2 Filling and Sterilisation Facility at Elstree to expand filling capacity and manufacture new products which are in development.

BPL’s operations are regulated by the MHRA and the DHSC in the UK.

BPL Therapeutics in the US

BPL Therapeutics US, based in Durham, North Carolina, runs the Group’s global commercial operations and is responsible for global sales outside the UK and Europe.

Employing close to 40 people, BPL Therapeutics US is driving BPL’s global presence and capabilities in a growing number of markets including in the US, South America, Africa and Asia.

BPL Therapeutics US’ operations are regulated by the FDA in the US.

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