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Modern Slavery Act Statement

Bio Products Laboratories (BPL), situated in the UK and US, manufactures Plasma Protein Therapies to treat Rare and Serious conditions.

BPL has a zero tolerance to any form of human trafficking and exploitation of human rights, especially those of children. Not only do we ensure human rights and equality in the work place we believe all our employees and suppliers should work within a safe and hygienic environment. BPL expects the same from those operating within their supply chain.

We are confident that no modern slavery exists within our employee base as we have a stringent, compliant and transparent recruitment process. BPL remunerates its employees significantly higher than the legislated basic living wage, in addition we respect employees’ right to form and/or join trade unions and bargain collectively. BPL’s ‘Whistleblowing’ policy and confidential hotline ‘In Touch’ provides employees and contractors a mechanism to report any irregular activities.

Considering the geography of our manufacturing site and that of our key suppliers we consider the risk of modern slavery to be very low within our supply chain. We believe this on the basis that the type of work being carried out and the type of labour being used, requires these employees to be largely educated or skilled, and operate in regions with established policies and procedures to prevent such activities.

Notwithstanding our confidence in the low risk of modern slavery across our key suppliers, BPL will conduct random assessments of suppliers, to ensure alignment to our strict expectations and compliance with the relevant legislation. BPL will disengage from suppliers who fail to achieve the required standards.

We are in the process of implementing a Sustainability Program and maintain our Procurement policy to ensure current and new suppliers are compliant with the relevant legislation and adhere to the expectations of Corporate Social Responsibility.