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Olga Chaplin

Shift Manager
Department: Production

In three words, working for BPL means for me: Innovative, Leading and Proud.

Why did you join BPL?
I previously worked in the food manufacturing industry and I wanted to try myself in a new work environment.

What’s your day-to-day?
Quite busy and sometimes it can be hectic. In Inspection, Labelling & Packing (ILP) we’re dealing with the final product so it’s just making sure that the product we’re sending out is of great quality and on time.

What’s the ratio of men to women in your team?
In ILP we have 38% of women – great, strong characters.

Any advice for other women who’d like to work in science?
If you’re right – just stand your ground.

Can you sum up BPL in three words? What would they be?
For me it would be Innovative, Leading (the way), Proud (of what we do).

Olga Chaplin
Shift Manager