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Alex Cast

R&D Biosafety
Department: Research & Development

If I summed up BPL in three words, they would be Variety, Development, Enjoyment.

Why did you join BPL?
Seeing the work BPL do and how I could be directly involved, really excited me and is one of the main reasons I applied. BPL provided an excellent opportunity for me to progress and develop my skills in a diverse & welcoming environment. Everyone from BPL; the recruitment team, and at the interview were really open with me. I was able to ask loads of questions and establish whether BPL was going to be a good fit for me.

What’s your typical day-to-day?
A typical day is hard to describe as there is such a variety of work to get involved with. Generally, my focus will be on performing lot release and stability virus assays in the lab. I will also spend time maintaining cell lines, ensuring equipment is calibrated, and performing assays and tests for different studies. Usually, the day will be split around 50/50 between the lab and my desk, so there is lots of variety and I constantly get to try new things.

What have you achieved at BPL that you’re most proud of?
So far, my greatest achievement is writing and conducting my own study. As your skills progress you are given more responsibility and with this comes the opportunity to develop and perform independent studies. There is a great support system at BPL, with a management team who encourage and support you in taking on new challenges and developing new skills. Not only does this make the role interesting and exciting, it also helps you to develop your independence and build new skills, which will be useful throughout your whole career.

Any advice for other graduates who want to join BPL?
The experience you can gain at BPL is incredibly valuable. If you’re looking for a career in science this is a great place to be. Not only will you gain plenty of experience, you’ll take on more responsibilities, and there structures in place to help progress your career. On top of this, the excellent support system at BPL will help to grow your confidence.

Alex Cast
R&D Biosafety